Hello peaches! So I get asked a lot if my hair is my own – yep I grew it all myself, it belongs to me, my crowing jewel, my frizz bomb etc etc. Performing here there and everywhere means that sometimes I have little time to do my hair and I have had to get good at doing quick updo’s and fixes ( I once did my entire hair and makeup on the London Tube on the way to an event!!) I am always looking for inspiration however and even quicker tips and tricks.

I recently met a very sassy lady called Atomic Amber through a retro mum and baby group on Facebook and she has absolutely saved my bacon. Gone are the days when I can leisurely get ready every morning (my little girly is 10 weeks old tomorrow argh!) and although I am getting quicker at putting (okayish) outfits on and giving my makeup a quick spritz – sometimes my hair just does not play ball.

Left to it’s natural devices, my hair produces beach waves that some may coo over – while I despair. It is neither here nor there which really frustrates me and I have to either curl or straighten or try and tame the frizzy beast that sits upon my head somehow. SO – I have recently delved into the world that is faux hair pieces! I already have a sassy poodle piece that is so super simple and a week ago purchased a faux ponytail!

Without the help of Amber’s tutorial however, here is where my blog post would have ended…..

Check out her channel and her YouTube tutorial below:

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Last year, I performed in Southampton for the U Support charity with a few other of BBCs The Voice finalists. It was so heart warming to be able to give something back and perform in front of children/young people with life limiting conditions, disabilities and disadvantages. Seeing 27 children in wheelchairs at the front of the audience really touched my heart and the whole night was really rewarding – a complete pleasure to take part in! The fabulous ladies from The Vintage Hair Lounge  provided hair and makeup for the night and it was then that I was introduced to Besame Cosmetics!

When performing, makeup that stays put is really important as days are long and busy. I love colourful lipstick and think it is vital it stands out. In Southampton, I wore the Besame in shade #ExoticPink from 1955. It stayed on for about 7 hours without needed any further applications – from that alone, I was hooked! It has a rich sheen to it, the vibrance is like nothing I have ever found before and it doesn’t fade one bit with time. For me, there simply is no other alternative.

About Me

“My Besame #ExoticPink lippy is always in my handbag  – 

I would be lost without it”

 Becoming a “Besame Girl” was as easy as talking for me! Besame make luxurious cosmetics inspired by the golden age of cinema in Los Angeles, California! They are a family company operating since 2004 and driven by a passion for quality and design. They effortlessly mix history, science and art creating exceptional products. They seek to inspire and define the power of the classic woman.

Their products are stunning, artfully crafted and offering something truly different, nostalgic and fabulous!American-Beauty-Became-Cosmetics

Last week, Besame sent me another shade to add to my vintage make up collection – the #AmericanBeauty shade from 1945! It is a smooth, cool berry shade – a sweet mix between a red and a pink! It is absolutely delicious and goes perfectly! I just cannot fault the vibrance again of Besame, – it also stays on so well and lasts an entire evening when performing! Their “one coat coverage” claim is tried and tested which means that this lipstick literally will last forever!


I am completely in love with the packaging as well, each individual lipstick comes in a stunning gold emblemed case and placed inside a red velvet pouch! How utterly delightful! Something that I really do love is that ALL the Besame products are exact reproductions of shades from past decades. This #AmericanBeauty is from 1945 – adding vintage charm and authenticity to your makeup look. Enriched with Vitamin C and Aloe – it won’t make your lips flaky and is ideal for wearing all day long.

BesameInvesting in high end quality cosmetics is vital. After all, we only have one face and should look after it by making sure the war paint we cover it in is of good quality and kind to the skin. B

A “classic” vintage look for most usually means a winged eye liner and a red lippy – but there is just so much more out there for you retro rebels! Don’t be restricted by the same old same old – try some vibrance in your life and delve into the Besame world! You will not be disappointed, in fact – you will become addicted

“Once you go Besame – you never go back! “BesameLit


Originating from The Egyptian Queen herself – Cleopatra – the winged cat eye is a beautiful piece of makeup history.

Using a dark black line under the eye to protect herself from the evil eye and enhance her own beauty, Cleopatra believed that it could bring the body closer to the gods in the afterlife. Makeup was a ritual that played an importance to ones existence both in this life – and the next. The eyeliner was widely used by women – but also by men to deflect light and give an antibacterial protection. Egyptians would line the upper and lower rims with a small stick coated in a paste made of water and minerals. What we refer to as “kohl” was also made of “galena” or a dark grey ore of lead which was stored in special jars to preserve its usability. Cleopatra The Egyptian QueenOver the centuries, myths have changed and of course, ingredients have progressed but the purpose of the winged eyeliner has remained the same. Also referred to as “the cat eye” – it has fast become the most classic beauty trend in history and is used from catwalk to high street to charity shop bargain hunters! The drawn on “wings” made their way to Hollywood in the 1950s and onto the beautiful faces of stars such as Anna Karina, Sophia Loren, Brigitte Bardot and eventually – full circle to Elizabeth Taylor who stared in the classic film “Cleopatra” in 1963!.

Elizabeth Taylor is Cleopatra

Back in 2015 – we wrote about how to get the perfect winged eyeliner – Click here to read. However we realised that for those Golden Girls, it isn’t always this easy and thus began our hunt for tips and tricks to make it easier. If the winged eyeliner is good enough for Cleopatra then we figured that it is good enough for the queens in our own lives. Why should glamorous makeup be reserved for those ‘young uns’ – after all, we have probably watched and learnt from our own older sisters, mums and grandparents in the first place.

5 Tips for Golden Girls:

  • If your eyes are creased, hooded or oily – invest in a great primer that stays put. Urban Decay’s Eyeshadow Primer Potion is a great choice and widely used for a clean base when applying eye makeup. Preparation is key for any hooded or more mature eyelids to try and prevent transfer when blinking or closing eyes.
  • Use a smudge proof eyeliner and mascara as with the above, when you blink or close your eyes, sometimes the hood of the eyelid can completely make any makeup disappear so using good smudge proof products is essential.

How to wear makeup when you have hooded eyes

  • Blend any makeup above the crease of your eyelid. Any shimmer or colour applied onto the eyelid becomes hidden when we open our eyes naturally. Blend above the crease and onto the brow bone gives a softness to the eye and helps it appear more youthful while allowing the focus to be on the winged flick at the lash line.
  • Contrary to popular belief, there are many different types of cat flicks out there! Instead of winging you liner straight up at the outer corners, try extending the line past the creases of your lid and draw your wing. Or why not make the flicks more curved depending on the unique shape of your eyes. Don’t just stick with the common classic – find one that works for you. Experiment and practice!

Winged Eyeliner for more mature ladies

  • Remember that you are not alone – there are endless celebrities out there that have hooded and more mature eyes. Cate Blanchett, Dana Delany and Kristin Chenoweth are some great examples of celebs over the age of 40 that are still rocking their makeup and with plenty of sparkle too! Find a great style that you love and never let age define who you are!

Hooded and Mature Eyes can still wear eyeliner and makeup!

We found this great tutorial by Pixiwoo – credit to https://www.youtube.com/user/pixiwoo

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The 1940’s brought World War 2 and saw a monumental change in women’s fashion! The headscarf was one of those changes that the modern day world has somewhat adopted. In the 40s, long hairstyles were considered hazardous what with 95% of women working in factories and more manual labour type jobs. Hairstyles were worn short or medium length and often the headscarf was a cheap and easy way to keep your mane from getting tangled in machinery!

It later became fashionable to cover your pin curls with a headscarf or turban and was adopted by many a war woman. Often scarves could be used as decorative pieces or to keep the hair out of the face and came in a variety of materials, sizes and patterns. They could be plaited into the hair and tied up. They could be folded into a triangle and tied on top of the head, like a turban, or simply worn around the head and knotted under the chin.

Women fashioned the scarf into something more than just a practical head covering, influenced by stars like Carmen Miranda who made wearing a turban chic. Wearing a scarf in your hair has become one of those styles that has stayed as the years go by and decades pass. Nowadays, wearing your hair in a headscarf has become one of the most noticeable “vintage looks” and often adopted by many. The girls in the Monica Valentine office have, at some point or another, all come into work wearing one!

With so many styles and ways to cover your pretty little head – just how DO you tie yours? Well, the answer in short is that there is no right or wrong way. Experiment and work your way through all the possible combinations until you find the one that suits your face, goes with your outfit and looks the part! We find that it is generally easier to try one of these when your hair is a day or a few days old. Newly washed hair can often be harder for the scarf to grip to and doesn’t stay in place very well. After all – this IS the perfect solution to a bad hair day or even simply a bad weather day!

Check out our headscarfin’ inspiration below and just have a go!




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****Well Hello Peaches! I first wrote this back in October 2015 BUT as of June 2016 – this is the updated version! I have found that there are new ways, better tutorials and easier ideas so read on and get glamorous pin up curls in no time!!! ****

Nothing says glamour like retro pin curls. Back in the day – without being able to afford a trip to the hairdressers, ladies still wanted to look glamorous so the “pin curl” was invented. Described as “An easy and hassle free way to get gorgeous curls without spending money!” Well – I think washing, pinning and setting your hair every morning – all before you have to get on a busy train to go to work is quite a lot of effort nowadays!

For true Hollywood glamour, there really is nothing like a good pin curl and set. Upon first glance, it looks really difficult but with a bit of practice, you will soon be the belle of every ball with gorgeous goldilocks.

You will need:

Kirby Grips


Small metal crocodile clips


Headscarf (just in case you need to nip to the shops!)

Lots of my friends do this on a regular basis and find that it works best with clean hair – probably a day old. If your hair is a few days old from it’s last wash – try a bit of dry shampoo to give it a bit of life. The older the hair is, the looser the curls will hang.

Start at the top of your hair and get a small section in your fingers, spritz with a bit of hairspray and start to create a roll by wrapping the hair around the fingers. Then pin in place and repeat. I normally do this early in the morning before a shoot or before I start my day and leave in for as long as possible (3-5 hours if I can.) The longer that I leave in, the better the set. I have super thick hair and my curls often drop but when I pin curl I find they last all day and even leave my hair with a lovely natural wave for the day after too.

Of course – it is always easier to understand when you can watch someone fabulous actually doing it. Well here is my favourite vintage beauty – Natalie Vintagious demonstrating just how easy it actually can be to get perfect and super glam curls every single time. Vintagious is my absolute “go to” YouTube tutorial channel when I need some hair inspiration. She has some amazing tips and tricks for getting your hair “just right” so definitely check her out!

You could brush it out like in the above video or leave in for a tighter curly look. Add a lily after parting your hair to one side and you have that classic retro look in an instant.

If you have a curling iron or a curling wand and like a different kind of curl – why not try this 1940s tutorial below as an alternative!

credit to: John Frieda: https://www.youtube.com/user/JohnFriedaUK

Don’t worry about getting it “just right” the very first time that you try because let’s face it, twirling your hair around your fingers can be a tangling mess at the best of times! With a bit of practice and patience, it does get a lot easier to do.

The hairstyles below have all had a pin curl and set technique to achieve the end result. Hair is different for everyone and some more manageable than others. The best thing you can do is to simply have a play around one day and practice until you get the perfect style for you!